We, THE JAPAN PRESS Inc., are a news agency which produces documentary and news films for TV program and Magazines.
We cover the dispute ground of the whole world and are specialized in the situation such as Middle East, South-Western Asia, Balkan area etc.
We pay attention to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East most and continue reporting it.

Main Office
3-36-14, Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0051 Japan
Email : japan@j-press.co.jp
Establishment : 1998
President :

Kazutaka Sato
was born in 1956.Journalist(video, photo, reporter) He report on the former Soviet Union invasion to Afhganistan in early 1980. After he visits the spot approximately every year.
When United States of America was attacked on September 11, 2001, the moment Sato stayed in northern part of Afghanistan for documentary program. Just two days before comander Ahamad Shah Massoud who is leader of Northern Alliance was assassinated. He reported on the case, and attended at the funeral ceremony of the Commander Massoud. War in Afghanistan 2001-, he reported inside there from beginning to Kabul fall. The journalist who reported from 9/11 outbreak is a rare person.
He speaks Dali ,the coverage to the general people and the core of Northern Alliance has a good reputation. He used a small broadcasting machine to live report on NTV every day from the spot. The real picture and report are precious historical materials to know the Afghanistan situation.He also carried out the coverate of the Taliban.
He cover world war zone such as Bosnia,former Yugoslavia,Kosovo, Chechnya,Africa,Indonesia,Central Asia e.t.c.
2003 invasion of Iraq he reported from Baghdad as special correspondent of NTV. Sato Kazutaka has received THE VAUGHN/UEDA memory international reporter Prize and numerous award for his journalism.
TV long documentary program,[Winter of Sarajevo] (NHK-BS)[A Civil War without the end Afghanistan] (NHK-BS), others. [Afghanistan] (NTV), [Iraq War] (NTV)
[Way to Afghanistan] published in 1984. [Tragedy of Afghanistan] published in 2001. [Life under the war] published in 2006.

Mika Yamamoto
was born in 1967. Journalist(video, photo, reporter) She entered Sattelite TV Channel"Asahi Newstar"in 1990, was active as a journalist and a director.
She produce a documentary program as a video journalist from 1990 , became the pioneer of Japanese video journalist.
Recently she belongs to THE JAPAN PRESS. She continue coverage of Afghanistan under the Taliban from 1996 and report a living of suppressed women.
War in Afghanistan 2001-, he reported inside there from beginning to Kabul fall.
2003 invasion of Iraq she reported from Baghdad as special correspondent of NTV.
Yamamoto Mika has received THE VAUGHN/UEDA memory international reporter Specilal Prize 2003 and numerous award for her journalism.
[Unknown Baghdad] published 2003,[My village was a battlefield] published in 2006, others.
She has the experience of the anchorperson of the news program.

Ryoji Fujiwara
was born in 1967. photojournalist. He does coverage Palestinian,Israel, Lebanon, Jordan. He continue report the life of tha Korean living in Japan,elsewhere Kosovo, Afghanistan.

Kyotaro Namiki
is chief editor.

Main Business contents
* Plan / production /deliver of the picture and films and the management of their copyright
* Edit/ publish/sale of a magazine / publication / printed matter / book others
* Delivery and management of the copyright of the news photograph / films
* Collect of the various information / document from whole world
* Web plan / production / management of various media

Main Bussiness partner
TV: NTV(Nippon Television network corporation), NHK
NEWSPAPER: The Asahi Shimbun, the Sankei Shimbun, the Yomiuri Shimbun, the Mainichi Shimbun, Kyodo News Agency, Shinano Mainichi shinbunn, Nikkan Gendai Shimbun, Yamanashi Nichi-Nichi Shimbun, Jiji Press, Chunichi Shimbunsha, Hokkaido Shimbun, Chugoku Shimbun, Kobe Shimbun
MAGANINE: AERA, Sunday Mainichi , SAPIO, Shukan Gendai , Shukan Bunshun Publish Company: Shogakukan, Kadokawa , Kodansha, Magazine House, JIJIGAHO
RADIO : J-WAVE, NHK radio, TBS radio, Bunkahousou, TBSRadio, YBS radio